Friday, October 22, 2010

Shipley Carriage Blanket

I wanted to knit a small blanket just for use with the car seat and stroller for our new baby. I had cables on my mind, so I did simple C3F cables separated by knit stitches instead of the usual purl stitches because I want the fabric to lie flat. After the body was knit and bind off was done, I picked up stitches around all 4 borders and knit the edging in garter rib and in the round. The edging's bind off was done with a 2-stitch applied i-cord which gives it more structure and body and rounds off the corners nicely. This is a very quick knit- it was finished in about 4 evenings.

The cable crossing is done on the following 8th row.  Some readers may notice that the 4th cable crossing from the bottom is slightly longer than the rest- that was an oops. Instead of frogging it, I made the same longer crossing at the other end of the blanket for symmetry. I'm going to pretend that it was my design all along. The pattern does not include this longer crossing. Feel free to improvise with this pattern- you can add in purl stitches or use other cable patterns and go wild.

Knit in Cascade Eco Wool, this blanket is warm and lofty. It is approximately 20" wide by 22" long, which I find a good size to use with car seat and pram/stroller. 

Here's a closeup of the corner. With all 4 borders knit in the round,  the garter rib fans out and frames the cabled body nicely IMO. The bind off is done with applied i-cord, which is my latest "find" and I love how all 4 edges are identical with this bind off. Please note that the 32" circular needles listed in the pattern is used for a blanket in the written size. If you plan to knit this blanket any bigger, a pair of 40" circular needles is much more comfortable to use.

I would love to knit this in a throw size for big people one day. But I'm actually running out of Eco Wool! Must replenish my stash soon.

To download a free copy of the Shipley Baby Carriage Blanket pattern, please click on the Ravelry link.


  1. Beautiful colors and you can't go wrong with the eco wool for warmth!

  2. Hi! I’m a bit confused - for the icord bind off, do we cut the yarn and then cast on again on the DPNs to start the bind off? And the bind off is done on the live stitches, right? All the icord tutorials I found online worked with cast off stitches. Thanks!