Saturday, November 27, 2010

Holiday Knits

Here are photos of some of my holiday knits- it's going to take some organization to keep track of what I've knitted for whom....

Here are some bread cozies that I've knitted while experimenting with different borders for each one. I kept the dark red one for myself- can't wait to use it! The yarn is Knitpick's Cotlin, which I find to be the perfect yarn for this project. It's a blend of cotton and linen. I've knitted another version (sadly I was in a rush to send it off and forgot to take a photo) for a friend's housewarming gift. I included a fruit/bread bowl (the same white one in the second photo from the top) and a copy of The Bread Bible. A friend had given me this book a few years ago and it started me on the path to home-baked bread. The original pattern for the bread cozy is the biscuit blankt from

Various hats for the kids in our family. Yarn is Rowan's All Seasons Cotton.

A leaf lace ascot for my sister's birthday. Details at my Ravelry project page.

There's more to come later...

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  1. Such beautiful presents you have knitted for your family and friends. I love the pattern from her website too and it looks so pretty knitted up. I love the colors you have used too.